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A logo is an image embodying your organisation, logos are meant to represent your company brand / Identity.

A brand includes all the features that distinguish your company from another.
This includes a name, slogan, design elements, colours, brand emotions, symbols etc.

If you just want a logo design I suggest you use or similar websites.  If you are interested in an identity design then you have come to the right place.  It’s about philosophy, meaning, symbolism and vision.

What does an effective identity consist of?
  • A strong name (and domain name) that is easily read, translated and recognisable.
  • The identity is unique.
  • A logo that builds trust.
  • A logo that is distinctive and unique.
  • Simplicity is always better because it allows you to communicate clearly.
  • Effective use of typography, colour, shape, scale and other design elements is what makes the difference.
What is the identity design process?

1The cornerstone of a successful identity design is research. The target audience will heavily influence decisions made and the direction that the design takes.  This means that you have to help me understand your business better before I start designing the identity.

2Initially I will scribble some ideas and drafts, then research fonts and find those best suited for the identity.

3The next stage is to develop various options based on the initial concepts and typefaces.

4Options are reviewed and the chosen version is then developed further and refined together with colour schemes, design elements, stationary layout, web icons and possibly a conceptual design for a website or brochure.

5The brand concept design is then presented and reviewed.  Together we fine tweak the design until it’s approved.

6Stationery and any other project requirements are then created.  You receive all the template documents for stationery, business cards, email signature, as well as the logo and icon files in usable formats.  The identity design process also includes a brand identity guideline document which includes the specifications, elements, colour values, use of and samples of the brand.  This document can be shared inside your company and with 3rd party suppliers. This will ensure that your brand is always used consistently and all communication is consistent.


Identity Design Portfolio
Khanyisa Healing Garden

Khanyisa Healing Garden

Jean-Francois Sobiecki is a natural medicines healer, ethnobotanist and researcher with a focus on psychoactive medicinal plants, cross-cultural healing and holistic medicine.

Delices d'Ingrid

Délices d ‘Ingrid

Délices d ‘Ingrid creates home-made baked goods including cakes, cupcakes, wedding and birthday cakes, kids treats, bridal-showers and healthier home-made sweets.

Hayfield Manor Hotel Feature

Hayfield Manor

The Hayfield Manor Hotel is a family owned and operated 5 star hotel in Cork, Ireland.

The Wild Rocket Cafe Design

Wild Rocket Cafe

Situated in a renovated farm house, Wild Rocket Café, serves high quality coffee, complemented by a range of delicious & wholesome dishes for any time of day.

Sole Serenity Feature

Sole Serenity

Sole Serenity is a Therapeutic Reflexologist and Meridian Therapy healing centre.

Fornax Design 11


Fornax is a software development company. We created the logo, 3d icon, brand specifications, website template design and stationery.