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I often talk about designing with the users in mind and meeting their expectations, but we often forget that content and design is the soul of the website. Our designs tell users about us, they build emotional bonds to brands through first impressions and reputation.

By taking advantage of communicative design, we can better engage audiences and more effectively serve user needs.  A big part of effective web design comes from experience.

Here are some of the guidelines I tend to use
  • Always work from an approved brief / scope / specifications document to ensure the project always remains on track.
  • Understand the client and their business.
  • Design with the users in mind.
  • Design for an international audience.
  • Use the right technology for the specific project.
  • Web usability is the key to a great website. This includes design, usability, SEO, functionality etc.
  • How effective is the writing on the site? We often focus on the design and forget how important the actual words are, they are part of the user experience.
  • Educate clients about good web design.
  • Find inspiration outside the web.
  • Always remain on top of the latest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) trends and ensure they are implemented.
Web Design Portfolio
Design for Life

Design for Life

Design for Life is part of by delight. The project aims to help people around the world that are working to create a better future for everyone.

The Medicine Garden

The Medicine Garden

A resource website intended to inspire others who want to start or develop their own gardens, grow medicinal plants, prepare their own herbal medicines.



TecStream is part of the TradeStream group and involved in import and export services.



TradeStream provides import and export services to a large number of corporations in South Africa. Projects include website designs and powerpoint presentation templates.

Professional passenger services

Professional Passenger Services

Professional Passenger Services is a transport company in South Africa. A large number of projects have been completed include advertising, print, digital marketing etc.

Redberry Hosting

Redberry Hosting

Redberry Hosting is part of by delight. It is a small hosting company with servers in the US.



AutoStream is part of the TradeStream group and involved in import and export services.



Ampath provides support services to Pathology Laboratory practices throughout South Africa. The project only included the website conceptual design.

Babaroots herbs


Babaroots is an environmentally sustainable producer of fresh herbs and salad leaves. This is an ongoing project including a number of things like identity design refinement, brand guidelines, website etc.

Absolute alpha

Absolute Alpha

Absolute Alpha is part of the Cortex Financial group.

Africa Treasure

Africa Treasure

Africa Treasure Tours, Travel & Safaris create innovative and meaningful vacations with educational, cultural and historical types of excursions.

Caffe Tazza Doro

Caffe Tazza D’oro

Caffe Tazza D’oro imports domestic and commercial espresso machines, and Arabica coffee blends.

Deonne le roux jewellers website design

Deonne le Roux Jewellers

I have been doing work for Deonne le Roux Jewellers for many years. Projects include website design, monthly promotion design, website updates, facebook...

Say it in Style

Say it in Style

Say it in Style is a speciality stationery design company that specialises in unique invitations and stationary with special attention to print quality, design and paper choices.

The Soul Khaya Spa Feature1

The Soul Khaya Spa

I have been doing work for The Soul Khaya Spa for several years. Projects covered logo design, brand guidelines, advertising, brochures, flyers, photography, social media, website design and more.


The Spellswords

The Spellswords is a guild of friends that play Dungeons and Dragons Online together.

The View

The View

The View is a guesthouse in Johannesburg, South Africa. The project included a DNN CMS web design.



Vunani is a financial group in South Africa.